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Micro-Coworking Center - Hudson Light Rail 22nd St Station Bayonne, NJ

Working solo? Tired of being locked up at home? Come take a look at our easy to access 24/7 available Micro-Coworking Center located right in front of the Hudson Bergen Light Rail. You can increase your productivity two-fold in a professional environment built to support your ambitions. We offer reliable 1 Gbps internet along with large extra monitors at each desk to facilitate your work. We are listed with where you can rent by the hour or by the month. Take a look at our listing for more information.

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Business Consulting

We help you start or run your small business as smoothly as possible in order to avoid the most common mistakes. We provide you support in areas such as legal contracts, business formation, outsourcing, project management, and information technology. We have extensive experience outsourcing nitch specialties to countries around the world

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Information Technology Consulting

Whether you are new or have experience in technology, our ability to show you how to improve your processes and organize a solid plan to tackle some of the toughest information technology hurdles are our specialty. Avoid re-inventing the wheel and let us share our experience with you and your business.

Information technology is expensive, avoid buying or committing to software, hardware, subscription software as a service (SaaS), or platforms as a service (PaaS) without knowing how to take full advantage of them.

Security Label


Data theft, identity theft, and electronic financial theft are just a few of the security issues that have skyrocketed over the last decade. Securing networks and assets (desktops, laptops, smartphones) against both internal and external threats is no longer an option in today's marketplace where a single data incident can bankrupt a business. We show you the best industry practices and procedures to best secure your assets and information.

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Organizational Controls and Security

Disaster recovery, security policies, inventory control, acceptable use policies all share a common thread, the lack of any in the majority of businesses that operate in today's data-driven environment. Too many businesses realize the critical nature of disaster recovery and business continuity planning only after a catastrophic event occurs. While we wish every business the best, let us help you prepare for the worst case scenario before you ever run into one.

Team Meeting

Project Management and Business Process Training

Just like you need to have everyone in a row team work in unison to reach a destination, you need your employees and associates work together to achieve organizational goals. We work with customers to get their organization to collaborate and move towards a goal together by providing tools to facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and overall communication among each other.

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Renderings for Commercial Properties

We create realistic high-resolution 3D renderings for customers looking for proposals or funding for their real estate projects. We can design augmented reality renderings that are superimposed on actual locations.

Apprenticeships, IT Training, and Educational Services

The best computing systems and software will do very little for any business or individual who lacks the skill or ability to run such systems or software. We provide training courses on various topics to help our customers use their resources to their full potential. We also provide apprenticeship opportunities for those looking to get hands-on experience and enhance professional opportunities in the job market.

High School Students in our program with instructor

Morrison Technologies Community Services (MTCS) 501(c)(3) Non-Profit

We use technology and entrepreneurship to create positive opportunities for historically underrepresented communities at the nexus of business, education, community, and government.

Our Summer Technology and Entrepreneurship Program (STEP), a summer program designed for high school juniors and seniors, in partnership with both Jersey City and Newark, NJ has been in operation since 2016.

MTCS was organized exclusively for charitable purposes to help grow and benefit from both public and private resources available for education and entrepreneurship at the local, state, and national levels.

To find out more, visit us at MTCommunityServices.Org